New Comp Setup -- Input needed

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by aenima1724, Oct 20, 2003.

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    a) fyi, motherboard comes with ide and floppy cables. and are you sure you even want a floppy?

    b) i'd opt for some better name brand speakers. maybe even wait and get them in a local store since they'll undoubtedly add to the shipping cost with their weight.

    c) buy two extra 80mm fans to mount on the rear of the case.

    but it looks like you have a nice bang-for-your-buck system going on there. :)
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    stuff looks good but maybe just maybe for price you might get a better deal at
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    no matter how special the hard drive is, it still only runs at ATA 100
    get a maxtor ATA133 8mb ;)
  5. Krux

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    I would change the CDRW out with a CDRW/DVD combo drive made by liteOn also its only about 10 more dallors
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    I'd go for a Ati 9600 Pro video card (good speed and value). Need 512MB RAM these days.
    I'd rather get 2 x 40GB HDDs and stripe them (these days problem is speed not space). Recommend Creative Inspire 4400 speakers (great value for money) and 19' AOC monitor (great value for money). How about Live 5.1 SE sound card (dirt cheap nowadays). Basically, recommend my system :D
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    You're missing a power supply, unless that's included with the case. You're going to want a 350W minimum. If you game a lot, you might want to spring for a DirectX 9 video card. The 9600's are going for about $115. The FX 5200's are cheaper, but actually slower than the 4200 you're looking at.

    You might also want to think about PC2700 instead of 3200, to be in sync with the processor. You don't need it right off the bat, but think about adding another 256MB ram a little later on.
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    I agree spend the extra few get the lite-on combo cdrw/dvd thats what I use and I agree get the maxtor's ata 133 , I would look at a Gigabyte board G7NNXP if possible :)
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    He can get the PC3200 and overclock the barton easy to 200x10 and be in sync :)
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    cd-r change it to the 52x32x52x16 CD-RW/DVD for $10 more like previously stated.. the video card is cheap, throw in another $70 and get a 9600Pro

    and your motherboard would be better of as an NF7 with no $ difference.
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    Why the NF7?
  12. aenima1724

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    Thanks for the advice so far!!!! Keep it comin!!!
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    You guys obviously have fallen for Maxtor's marketing hype with ATA133...

    The WD is the better drive, it has faster seek times, and faster throughput. They are better overall drives, stick with the WD.

    The WD "Special Edition" drives have a 8mb cache, and a 3 year warrenty. That's what makes them special edition in the WD line.

    Also I second looking at the Abit NF7-S... it's cheaper, and a good board... but I do love my A7N8X DX
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    i would get at least 512mb of ram. but, i guess it depends on what you are using the computer for.