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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by RaDoN, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. RaDoN

    RaDoN Guest

    Hey guys, tell me what u think bout this deal:

    1994 Civic 2 Door EX
    5 Speed Manual
    Automatic Windows
    Red Color
    95k miles
    Perfect Condition, Drives smooth too.
    2 Owners, no accidents on record.

    $5000 .. that price sound decent?
  2. XP PRO

    XP PRO Guest

    $$Canadian or $$American??

    Sounds sweet to me! B U Y IT!! :)
  3. RaDoN

    RaDoN Guest

    Dollars, America
  4. XP PRO

    XP PRO Guest

    I still say take it, even though I'm Canadian,
    that price still sounds good, but if that was Canadian cash, oh man! that car would be mine!! :).
  5. RaDoN

    RaDoN Guest

    lol yah, that would be awsome if it was in canadian dollars ;)
  6. mecca

    mecca Guest

    It's still a steal, go for it.