NEW Call Of Duty "Dawnhill" Demo (better)

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Vorpal, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    edit: I should mention this demo is called Call of Duty: Dawnhill Demo.

    Sorry but I can not find one other download source for this new demo... I looked around and found nothing. The download link will start eventually. I just tried it again and three times in a row it failed, and one time it let me get it after a 45 second wait (very sorry)

    The new Call Of Duty Demo is totally sweet. I have all setting jacked up to the max with x4aa and x16af - running at 1024x768x32. It runs silky smooth for me (9700-PRO, 2500+ Barton).

    It really seems like it runs/performs much better than the first one, and it looks a lot better. Maybe it seems to look nicer because it's in the daytime instead of the nightime.

    You start off where you left off on the first demo. But, this time you get to take out a tank with a RPG (don't make me try to spell 'panzerstrick'... :) ), and you get to take out some germans with the mounted M-60 like weapon (forgot the German name for that one).

    .... much better demo!

    This is the only download link I know of. It will hang for a very long time, but eventually start:

    (holy batman - I can't wait to play the multiplayer of this game!)
  2. Teddy

    Teddy Boogie Nights...!

    London, UK

    But why cant i find anything (literally!) about this demo?? Nothing on official site etc...

  3. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    well worth the download :D

  4. Terrahertz

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    New York
    Hmm have to give this a go. The first one rocked.

    UPDATE: Holy ****! This has to be the most extrme WWII FPS I have ever played. :eek:
  5. ditchhopper

    ditchhopper OSNN Addict

    This was supposed to be an exclusive release for people who bought the December issue of PC Gamer. As usual though it somehow got leaked. Most sites wont be putting it up until sometime later since its not an official release.
  6. kitct

    kitct Guest

    Cool! Thanks Vorpal! Downloadin now. Started downloadin right off the bat and at over 500kbs!:)Slowed down to about 150kbs,then went back up to about 200kbs.(about 10min):(

    The first was great.I wanna see this one.:)
  7. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Ohh... that expalins it. I was really wondering why something so cool would have no information out on it at all and only one download source. :p

    Activision is totally crazy though. Call of Duty is suppose to be out in a couple of weeks (10/29) and this demo really pushed me over the edge towards putting reservation money down on it. They should let this demo go..... combined with the first one it's a solid gold game seller!
  8. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Ahmen brother.... :D

    It's hard to put the coolness of this game into words.

    (btw - much like HALO, I love the way bodies get thrown by grenade explosions. :D )
  9. Bronx Bomber

    Bronx Bomber Guest

    panzerschrek....i think thats how they spell it....

    those crazy germans, why cant they just speak english? =]
  10. TheBlueRaja

    TheBlueRaja BR to Some

    Download link dosent work anymore - anyone know where i can get it?
  11. Cast

    Cast North Seed

    Wasaga Beach, Ontario
    This game will be BIG. :)
  12. TheBlueRaja

    TheBlueRaja BR to Some

    Found a link...


    This game is awesome.
  13. chris

    chris Free to Fly

    Not played either demo yet, but from i've seen and haedr about this game makes me want to.

    I loved mohaa, and this is more of the same. Got about 3 weeks to wait for it here in the UK so not too long heh :)
  14. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    It's much different than MOH:AA

    For one thing, the increased Aiming rectle (sp?) when prone or looking down the site of a gun, encourages you to go slower... which totally changes the feel of the gameplay (IMHO).

    It really "feels" like a totally different game.
  15. chris

    chris Free to Fly

    Wow, i love it :D

    I like the way when your being hit by bullet fire you get the red marker showing what direction its coming from. Subtle things that will make this game huge.

    I take back what I said, this isnt more of the same of MOHAA, its better :D

    Looking forward to this game for sure :)