New AMD PC advice, please.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Chensu, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Chensu

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    I hope someone can give me some advice on building a new AMD based PC. :)

    I have choosen a motherboard, the "ABIT KD-7" as I think the KT400 chipset is a stable one, and its quite future proof.

    Memory Im going for "TwinMos 512Mb DDR PC3200" Ive seen reviews of the memory, cas is 2.5, so not as fast as 2, but it seems pretty good.

    Graphics card is an "Albatron Geforce4 Ti4600", have again seen some good reviews.

    Now the problem.. Im on a budget..obviously its not too low as the above excluding the Albatron card, totals £170 roughly. But obviously I need a CPU, and I dont know which AthlonXP to buy.:huh: I just want a CPU that can keep up with the Ti4600, so I can play the latest games with full graphics goodness!.
    I was thinking of an AthlonXP1800+, would this be OK, or should I really be thinking of an Athlonxp2100+ ??? :huh:

    Can someone advise me? Can you suggest alternative hardware, thats better?


  2. Iceman

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    personally right now the AthlonXP2100+ will give you more bang for the buck.

  3. 2z

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    an AthlonXP 1800 will push your graphics around no problem

    I would just go for what you can afford

  4. Nick M

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    Hello there and Welcome to forums.

    I run a setup

    Gigabyte Ga-7VRXP
    1024MB DDR PC2700 RAM
    AMD XP 1900
    GF 4400

    and I'll tell you, speed is just fine.

    I wouldn't go any lower then a XP 1900

    switching from that to a XP 2100 isn't really much of a difference, I'v tried both, and I think you'll only really feel the difference in benchmark, some slightl performance issues.

    If you can, get the XP 2100 still, but, I believe a better invest ment is an XP 2400. If you're going to get a good system like that, might as well save up a little bit more, and get a nice CPU.

    By the way, make sure to get a good heatsink!

    A Volcano 9 will keep any AMD CPU up to XP 2600 running pretty cool :)

    From this to a XP 2400, or a 2600, yes, there is a change.
  5. Chensu

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    Thanks for your helpful advice, I'll let you know what i decide on.