New 64bit won't boot

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Protector.of.Balls, Jan 6, 2005.

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    Now, i'm 19 and strapped for cash, just blew it all on budget (ebay and rebates) stuff... i got at k8 neo board and a 3000+.

    ok, i took the hard driver from my old comp - it's 160 gig but it's only willed with about 90 gigs and it has winxp pro on it, when i do the boot, it just sits there blinking it's curser.... so i try to boot from the winxp cd, it says press any key to boot from cd

    keys pressed
    KEYS PRESSED... ok keyboard works because i'm doing bios fine (wireless keyboard) but i can't boot from CD, have no floppies, can't boot from the hard drive, please help.

    i can give whatever info you need, just help me out.
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    Welcome Protector.of.Balls. :)

    Is it the original XP cd or a copy, slipstreamed maybe??

    If it is a copy maybe it is not bootable. Can you try the disc on a friends computer to see if it will boot??

    Try giving the disc a clean.

    If you have new mother board you will probably need to format the drive & start again.
  3. Protector.of.Balls

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    definitely the origional disk, perfectly clean. i would REALLY prefer not to have to reformat - BUT because i have thought baout this before.........

    i made 2 partitions on my 160 gig, i 10 gig for windows+ and one 150 gig for everything else, i did this but i've never gotten this far so i didn't know if i'd need it, but can i wipe just the os and start with a clean os but keep all my info?...

    oh yeah, and forget that question if i can't even boot off the win cd