Neverwinter Nights

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Rigsta, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. Rigsta

    Rigsta OSNN Addict

    Anyone else having the problem of this game running really badly? I'm still puzzling over my stupid framrate...

    1.1GHz PIII
    (512MB - 32MB = 480MB RAM)
    32MB S3 graphics twister (because it's a laptop)
    UJDA 710 DVD + CD-WR combo drive

    Stupid bugs. The SecuROM protection doesn't help matters either.
  2. Bootsy

    Bootsy Huh?

    Miami, Fl
    well it is a laptop...
  3. Rigsta

    Rigsta OSNN Addict

    Contrary to popular beleif, laptop does not equal crap, thank you very much. I can play Unreal Tournament, Diablo II and Jedi Knight II on it just fine (besides the swamp level, hehe), so why not this game, even with all graphics effects turned to minimum/off?
  4. Emeritus

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    Unfortunately, NWN does rely heavily on the Graphics card. Your laptop is probably great, but if the graphics are not directly supported by NWN, it isn't going to work well. I use a Voodoo 5 5500, and they won't support it.
  5. Yharn

    Yharn meh.

    Indiana, USA
    Even on a geforce 4 TI4200 the frames are not that great will all the options turned up
  6. Peppen

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    NWN Failing

    Tried to play the game on me mums' PC, and its really slow.. I replaced her Voodoo3 with my old viper 770 ultra ( old, argh, €200 not that long ago :( )

    My guess is Open GL:

    1.10 WindowsXP and OpenGL

    The default video drivers provided with Windows XP do not have robust Open GL support. Upgrade your drivers if you have Windows XP as soon as possible.

    This might be applicable in your situation though:

    1.07 Problems running the game with 3DFX cards

    3DFX is no longer in business; although some Voodoo 5 cards may work occasionally they are no longer supported by 3DFX and available drivers do not generally include complete OpenGL support required for Neverwinter Nights. Hence, 3DFX graphics cards are not supported by NWN.


    Going to try with Nvidias' detonator drivers.. Unfortunately im too lame on how to get the required Open GL thingies so this is just a shot in the dark..
    Btw, if anyone *does* have a viable solution, do reply :)

    Well I installed those drivers and the game works fine :) :) :)
    Time to get me mum addicted to NWN, she's been enjoying Dungeon Siege too long for comfort :D