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    Hey is there a way you can network your mac with a pc? I do my graphics on a mac but I sometimes want to email them from my pc. I also got some videos from the latest episode of Rock Star and I want to be able to move it to my mac without burning it on a disc because its pretty big files.
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    Well first off only make one tread about the same topic.
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    You could just buy a thumb drive and use that, I would go for the 1GB model ;)
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    of course you can network a mac and a pc

    just cable them up as you would normally, then create a share on the pc (its easier this way round) and set it to allow remote users to modify your files. Then in Finder goto "Connect To Server" under the "Go" menu (Apple + K) and then type this into the server address bar
    you should then be prompted for authentication, enter "GUEST" with no password and click OK and save this information into your keychain. You then get a box with a pulldown of the available shares on the windows machine. Select one and this is then mounted as disk images, cd's, or other removeable media are. Then just drag and drop the files you want to transfer.

    with regards to the address, the smb:// part must be there, that tells the Finder to use the SAMBA protocol which is an implementation of the windows file sharing protocol for Unix (Mac OSX being unix under the hood) and Linux .

    I am assuming OSX as your Mac operating system, versions below that I have no experience with but I would expect it to still be possible.
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