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  1. deathy

    deathy Guest

    Lo guys, i wanna no how to do the following things some tutorials/guides would be really cool.

    1. i wanna setup a network where machine has all the software but the other machines connect to it but have there own hard drives for personal use if wanted.

    2. how do i make a home router as follows

    Computer 1
    Server machine - Computer 2 - Printer
    Computer 3

    i want to do it via win2k is this possible as i dont want to **** up a perfectly good machine.

    3. how do i get IIS to work through the internet with the above setup and a firewall on the server machine???

    Thanx Deathy
  2. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    1. Ouch! You'll need a domain server for that. Too much work for a home network if you ask me. Way too much.

    2. (Um win2k doesn't have ICS, right?) I suggest you get WinRoute or something (

    3. If you run IIS on the server it's no problem. fyou run it on any of the others you'll have to map port 80 through to the appropriate computer (done in the router software). For a firewall i suggest Zone Alarm.
  3. redsolar

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    No need in domain controller, though it would be neat.
    Win2k has ICS, and it's well implemented there.

    Also, I would suggest terminal services. But you will need windows 2000 server for this. This way all programs will be run on server, so it will need a lot of ram to do this, 512 is probably the smart minimum.

    And it's not too hard to set up. So not really much work.

    Why do you need IIS by the way?