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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ColtSeavers, Jan 12, 2002.

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    I am trying to network an XP machine with a 2000 one via a mini-hub. The XP machine can see the 2000 machine if I click on "View Workgroup Computers", but if I click on the other machine it gives an error - "\\Isdhome is not accessable. Yoiu might not have permission to use this network resource". From the 2000 machine I cannot even ping the XP one and when I click on Workgroup there I get "Workgroup is not accessable. The network path was not found"....

    Any ideas???
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    For some reson you HAVE to run that network wizard even if you have set everything manually on XP


    Make an account on both machines XP and 2K -- with administrator privilages


    Name : test

    Password = test

    Logon as test on the 2K machine and you should be able to access the XP box now as well
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    That worked! I loved the way the XP setup wizard creates a floppy that works on all OSs except 2000 - cheers Microsoft.

    Any suggestions on internet sharing? I'm using a cable modem on the XP machine which still browses ok (obviously), but the 2000 one wont have it, just reckons the "This page cannot be displayed". Internet Connection Sharing is enabled and I don't have either the XP firewall running or a 3rd party one. I'm sure everything is correct under IE connections ("Never dial a connection" and nothing checked under LAN)
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