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    Hey everyone.

    Its been a Long Long time since have been on here. Tho i was pondering a question and searching the net trying to find the solution then i remembered this place. So.

    I have a firewall/router. from that it goes to a Gigabit switch. Then from there i bounce out to 4 Wireless routers.
    I provide internet for the people on either side of my house and the one that lives in the basement. Each person has their own wifi SSID. Only one router could accommodate multiple SSID's, this would be my personal one.

    The rest are Dlink wifi routers. They do the job well and all. tho i want to see who is connected to what router.
    I can see the DHCP lease table from my firewall but i cant tell what router they are coming in from. The linksys firmware wont show me this as well since its not taking care of the DHCP lease as well.

    Does anyone know how i can manage this better. I am open to doing the setup but not planning on buying new hardware.

    My goal with the wifi is, I want them to have access to the network for media, and internet. Beyond that my firewall has a proxy to filter out add's on the web pages.

    It would be nice to have something with a management interface all in one. Or one site to do it all on. A firewall to control the routers. or some app/site to control it all. Any ideas floating around out there?
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    Why don't you just have one router and set up wireless access points throughout the house? You will be able to track it better that way.
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    all the DHCP and proxy for add filtering is done on one box. then it pipes it out. I could have each do there own basically. just didn't want to have 3 different DHCP services running.