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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zandyrei, Jun 12, 2006.

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    Guys.. im having problem with my networking....

    what i have is:

    • 4 PC
    • modem router with 4 Lan

    • No server pls
    • I have 3 PCs runing XPSP2 and 1 PC running XPSP1
    • All are working fine and can surf and play online games.


    • I cannot link the 4 PCs..
    • I dont have any networking background...
    • I cant see all PCs in the Network Places...
    • I cant transfer files from one PC to another...
    • I cant play lan games............................
    Help me pls...
  2. Mainframeguy

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    Enable guest account on all machines,
    Enable simple file sharing on all machines,
    Upgrade the SP1 machine to SP2,
    share drives/directories for each machine as required...

    As an optional extra map the required drives/diectories on any machine as required.

    That is basically it.

    The above assumes you have taken the defaults and are using a workgroup, likely called WORKGROUP on each machine...

    You may wish to check you can ping each machine before going down this route - that is pretty much taken for granted.
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