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    Just setting up a 5 person network to share our cable modem, and just got a few queries about it. We've all got Ethernet NICS and CAt5 cable ready, but i've been told a router would be much better.

    We've bought a hub and it's all; ready to go ahead. Not being much of a networking expert, could I set the PC with the cable modem as proxy and hang the other machines off that
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    The trouble with using one PC as the hub is that the main computer must always be on for the other systems to get on the net.

    A router is a better idea in my opinion as you don't have to have that main computer running plus a router usually has an inbuilt firewall
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    Doesn't matter bout PC being on all the time, i like to download ..
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    you could pick up a cheap 5 port 10/100 switch to achieve the same thing.. with that you wouldn't need to bother with leaving a certain machine on.. grab a Linksys or SMC for cheap..
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    No that's not true. A switch will do no more than a hub (except perhaps better speed). A router is a much more complex device.