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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by chaos945, Sep 29, 2004.

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    I'm trying to synchronize a few folders over a large network and I've been looking at the 'Briefcase' and at 'offline files' built into xp.

    For a few weeks I had been using 'offline files' but after removing certain registry entries pertaining to lame usage messages, the server now restores the entries on my machine every time I login to the domain, somehow this has totally messed up the use of my ‘offline files’. So I need a new option/application or a way to stop the server from changing my registry!

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    well, it sounds like you are on a windows domain that is using group policies to enforce certain settings. We do the same thing here - the difference being that I am one of the people that manages the policies...

    If you only make changes to files in one location, you could just use a directory mirroring utility (or even xcopy/robocopy/etc..) to mirror the directory to the other location. Setup a robocopy batch file and run it as part of your logoff/logon scripts..

    If you want true directory/file synchronization closer to what the offline folder feature does, you can check out things like:
    - Unison (
    - SureSync (
    - FolderMatch (
    - HandyBackup (
    - and a whole lot more (
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    Thanks for the recommendations, I tried them all and a few others I found.

    Amazingly none of them are as good as the built-in synchronization for Windows XP; I guess I'll have to figure out what exactly is going wrong with it.

    "offline files", "sync", "alternative"