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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Axim5, Jan 30, 2003.

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    Hello All,

    I am new to this forum. But reading some threads in the forums, looks like it's going to be fun and informative.

    Before I go ahead and tell you about the problem I am experiencing, let me tell you about my computer:

    1) P III 933 MHz
    2) RAM 512 MB
    3) HD 40 GB
    4) OS - Win XP Pro
    5) Internet - DSL cable
    6) Location - home user

    As mentioned above, I have an internet connection through high speed DSL cable. This service is provided by Bell Sympatico (Canada).

    Recently, the problem I am experiencing is:
    Whenever, after booting my computer, I click on my ISP provider's shortcut icon on my desktop it takes almost two minutes to connect.

    I called and spoke with the service reps of my ISP provider numerous times to figure out what's the source of this problem and how can it be resolved. Unfortunately, no resolution so far.

    I thought that it could be the Norton Antivirus that may be causing this delay, but even without the anitivirus the problem remains.

    Then I formated the HD and re-installed the OS as a fresh installation but again the situation remains the same.

    I have also noted that if click on any other application it takes a little time to open that application.

    But I must remind that, after the delay when the high speed connection window open's it connects me rightaway as soon as i click on the "Connect" tab.

    I hope someone will help me resolve this situation.

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    Welcome To the Forum Axim5! yes its a great forum.

    Sorry i dont know the answer to your problem!:(

    why dont you just leave your pc on with the connection running and use zone alarm? sounds good to me.:happy:
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    he'd still have to wait 2 minutes everytime he boots his computer. some people dont like leaving the computer on depending on its location... i tend not to leave my pc on at nights because its a bit loud tbh.

    plus, theres the people who think its a fire risk... and those who think it'll damage the computer... and those who are scroogy with the electric bill ;) theres a few diff cases