Nero problem..need help.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stuy_b, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. stuy_b

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    Hi, Ive just installed Nero 5.5, and upgraded to

    My problem is that when burning, it says its doing it at x24, but it takes 8mins!??? b4 it never went over 3mins.. wots going on!?? :confused:
  2. stuy_b

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    thanks guys!! :rolleyes:
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    yea me too :confused: :confused:
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    Your welcome. :D
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    If you are burning music and you do "Fade In" and/or "Fade Out" Nero takes longer to burn than if you were to put the regular 1 or 2 second pause between the tracks.

    If this happens to you while burning a data CD then... I don't know.
  7. Shotokhaan

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    this depends on your drive ..

    i.e. 40X cd burner

    only gets really at 40x is almost at the end ..

    in general they start with Lead in (needs in all drives the same time)

    then data : starts ~medium getting faster while moving to the outer rings

    Lead out (same as lead in)

    speed also depends on your cd media ..
    Nero doesn't tell you the real writing speed ..

    AFAIK Blind Write does
  8. stuy_b

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    Ive uninstalled Nero which was tough, cos it wouldnt uninstall properly, so I had to hack the registry manually!!

    Anyway, now using EasyCD5 plat. works perfect.. CD-Rs take 3mins, instead of over 8mins with Nero.... I dont know why???!
  9. Shotokhaan

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    hmm ..

    that is indeed strange ..

    however nero 6 should be on its way AFAIK

    if Easay CD suits you for now stick with it ..

    i am using nero, cdrwin 3.8e(f?) and cloneCD

    no problems so far ..