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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pc_tek, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. pc_tek

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    Wow got to love the express.... Tons easier over the normal nero.

    I have installed it, works extremely well. Not that it matters though, when you open it, it has a splash screen. I looked in the options and in the registry really quick to see if i could turn it off, to no prevail. Does anyone know of a way to turn off the splash screen? Thats my only complaint about it... but very very minor =)

    Thumbs up Nero!


  2. ECO

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    I have Nero and am wondering why the version of the new Nero Express, version, is lower.
  3. dadx2mj

    dadx2mj Guest

    Wondering the same thing about the version #'s but liking the Express version a lot.
  4. pc_tek

    pc_tek Guest

    express is a "lite" version in beta testing... no complaints so far except the splash screen which really isnt a complaint =)
  5. SessedOut

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    After I formatted yesterday I decided to try out Nero Express. So far its enjoyable, and the easy menu that comes up on first run is great. I guess the reason for the startup menu is the fact that it is Nero Express, designed for easy use. So, if you wanted to use Nero without the menu, wouldn't that just be Nero standard?
  6. voy1d

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    i'm oldskool i prefer to have the control of knowing what i can do and being able to fiddle with all the settings...
  7. Has anyone found any functionality that you can't do with Nero Express? so far I can still do what ever I want, only easier, not so many menus... :)
  8. perpetual98

    perpetual98 Guest

    Can you still EQ and normalize and stuff with Express?
  9. davinwv

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    I am running XP Home and do not have any CD burning software installed (other than the built-in XP burner). Thus, I have no prior registration of Nero. If I download Nero Express and want to keep it, will it only be functional for a trial period? If so, how much $$$ will a registration key for Nero Express cost?

  10. pc_tek

    pc_tek Guest

    well that depends on how they did the code. I can say this, I installed it, and to test to see if there was a limit, I set my clock one year forward. I burned at 24x still and everything seemed to work as advertised. There doesnt appear to be a limit of any sort, but also keep in mind, it is a preview (like a beta). It is still in test.
  11. dreamliner77

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    can Express and regular nero be installed at the same time (side by side)?
  12. davinwv

    davinwv Guest

    CDDB Support??

    Does Nero Express have CDDB Support? Also, does it have an Autorun Shield of some type like RecordNow??

  13. purush

    purush Guest

    Ref: Nero Express

    Nero Express and version cannot be installed side by side as the express detects an earlier version and deletes before install the express. I had installed and when I updated to Nero Express, it deleted the previous version.
  14. Kush

    Kush High On Life!

    Montreal, Quebec
    No way!

    I hate the nero Express compared to the old nero ( or they have more features than the express and it can maximize and has a better interface with many more Functions!!!
  15. pc_tek

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    Re: No way!

    LoL!!!!!!!!! yes the old has more features... hence the word "EXPRESS"

    Better GUI... I DONT THINK SO! LoL
  16. Kush

    Kush High On Life!

    Montreal, Quebec

    It doesnt have a better gui i like the old one better! all it has is just xp looking icons and those are cool but thats about it!
  17. rhenk

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    I agree. Nero Express is bullshit. I don't like it. I really prefer the "old" Nero. They should improve the gui of Nero Burning Rom (I mean they should add winxp look and icons), but I still prefer it to that new Nero Express.