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    Changes from Nero to

    Features Added:
    • added several new recorders.
    • UDF 'Multisession' support has been added
    • Added new write mode Disc-At-Once/96 (DAO/96)
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix problems with TAB/F6 key in compilations and file browser to switch focus.
    • Implement automatic refresh of the FileBrowser on file/directory changes.
    • Single file now can be selected in file list of ISO compilation when pressing down or up arrow (mouse not required).
    • No window was opened when playing back some AVI file
    • The Cover Designer language was always set to English when running Nero for the first time
    • Video-DVD fixes for standalone players. Video-DVDs created with Nero will now play on PlayStation2 and other previously unsupported devices
    • The About Nero menu item was greyed out after the Window was once closed by pressing the "ENTER" key.
    • CD-Text button for MixedMode enabled if the recorder is capable of DAO/96.
    • Fixed bug in UDF generator which would cause crashes for certain directory sizes
    • Shortcut for 'Find' (Ctrl+F) has been corrected
    • The error handling message has been implemented in case that an error appear during erase procedure
    • Nero could not play several tracks together using the "Play" button of an audio compilation
    • Made Nero to react better on errors in case of CD Copy and Save Track
    • Enable Oversize-burning for writing in DAO/96 mode
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    Thanks for the heads up Pady :)


    this is 5.5.80 , it caught me out also , i thought why hasnt waddy posted it .. IT IS there !

    but it is the version b4 changelog :p


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    I think this version has more wizards.
    I saw a screenshot over on the Neowin comments: