Need to lock out a few things

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stewartbmw2000, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Need to lock my XP machine so that no new programs can be added and so the control panel and other features are disabled, is there a way to do this with XP or do I need a 3rd party bit of software?
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    use the security policy editor...

    Start > run > secpol.msc

    lots and lots of stuff there you can turn on/off at user or computer level. Not sure if you can disable the CONTROL PANEL icon from there. But that can be done thru the registry.

    You can look for similar registry hacks at

    Willem Moolenaar
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    Sorry... this is where you want to check...

    Use GROUP POLICY editor:

    Start > Run > gpedit.msc

    Plenty there for you.

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    Willem Moolenaar
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    If you want a 3rd party soltuion, check out Fortres 101

  5. cheers for that lads, can't seem to find the option to disable software installations though.
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    If you swith the other users to limited instead of Administrator - they will no longer be able to install software.
  7. yeah hopefully that should do it but apprantly you can still install some things, it's just annoying when you get back to find 1000 bits of spyware some weather display and a dancing girl on your desktop and not to mention BONZA BUDDY!!! that thing needs to be shot :D
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    True... if you remove the users account from the Admin group, installations become harder. However as long as the installing program doesn't access the registry (most do) the user can still install the program. Have you tried giving that particular user READ ONLY rights to the Program Files directory? You will have to have NTFS instead of FAT32.

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    Willem Moolenaar