need some tips for getting my comp in shape...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ryan3dfan, Aug 18, 2002.

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    ok lately ive been noticing things with my computer not working to the best of its abilities and other annoyances. for one it takes forever to shut down. i don't know if this is normal but it sure seems too long. also my cd rom drives have been doing annoying things. sometimes when i take a disc out, usually one associated with music, ill get the blue screen of death and an automatic restart. this happens when ripping, playing, or really anything, but usually only with music cd's. also my dvd drive doesn't seem to want to recognize regular cd-rom's anymore so i have to use my cd rw for that. and when either of the drives to read the cd's it seems to take an unusually long time to recognize and load a disc. so if anyone has any tips for anything ive talked about it would be great if you could let me know. thanks.
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    did you try to defrag your PC? do you have enough ram?
    clean your PC from temp files ( and SPYWARES of course), also make check if there is anything unnecessary running in the background. Look at the startup folder or type MSCONFIG.
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    defrag may help if computer is slowing down

    what you might want to do concerning the BSOD is to perhaps check the aps you have dled over the last several weeks/months and maybe uninstal some... do a scan disk too to verify there is no hard drive damage...

    basically defrag/scandisk/virus scan should be able to speed up your rig...

    I would use norton win doctor for windows troubles and stuff...

    if it is a recent bother and occured after installing some stuff... do a system restore and you will be ok...
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    easiest solution