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  1. What is the best board, besides ECS's products, are the best for the Athlon XP cpu's and that are less than $100? I prefer one that has on-board audio. Also one with on-board LAN or/and an AMR/CNR slot, a board with one or both.
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    A friend of mine does allot of intallations - and he recomends and uses Shuttle boards - they are exeptional value and have plenty of features including on board audio/lan - I think most boards have an AMR slot (I don't know anyone that has ever used it).
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    I am using an msi kt-3 ultra and you can buy a NUMBER of boards... I recommend reading up about the boards before buying them but here is a site where I got some info from concerning the ddr333 boards...

    happy hunting...

    btw non-raid boards can be had for under a 100 dollars easy... I paid around 80 odd for mine... incl tax coz I bought it at tcwo at the warehouse itself :)