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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by muzikool, Feb 22, 2002.

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    I posted to this forum last week about sharing my RoadRunner connection, and I was given a link to Practically Networked where it told me how to set up ICS. Today I installed a second network card in my computer (which will be sharing the connection), and connected it to the client I want to share the connection with. I ran the networking wizard on both machines and followed the steps the way it said to, but it isn't working. I know at least one reason it won't work is because the LAN connection on both mine and the client say that the network cable is unplugged. I checked the new card first to make sure it wasn't dead, and it lit up when I plugged my internet connection into it. I then checked the cable that is connecting the two computers, and it is also ok. Why don't the computer recognize that they are connected to each other? Thanks for the help again.

    Addition: I am connecting the computers with a CAT5 Patch cable... should I be using a different type of cable instead?
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    did you make sure it's a crossover cable and not regular cat 5?
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    I'm not using a crossover... I figured I had the wrong cable. Thanks for the help.