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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by plastiqued, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. plastiqued

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    I need some advice with my new system i just built.

    I have a AMD XP2200 and a stock heatsink/fan with some thermal grease applied.
    In Bios my cpu temp is running in the range of 57-60C

    Is this too high? I've been having random reboots in Windows XP as well
    and i'm guessing its my heating situation.

    could my temps be the problem?
    Any suggestions?
  2. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    probably... i think it is too high!
    is the heatsink from AMD and did the thermal grease is originally from the heatsink itself? then i really recommend u to change it to better heatsink and thermal grease.

    i remember when i first built my pc.... it did randomly reboots and sometimes hang when i play games. when i check my temp, it is 56~61c...

    now my idle temp is 37~39 which is quite good..... so try to change to better heatsink or thermal..... u also can open the side casing which resulting in better air flowing......
  3. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

    no the heatsink/fan is the default stock one that came when i bought my motherboard/cpu combo

    it didn't have the thermal pad underneath so i had to use thermal grease.

    i got some thermal grease from a friend. i dont know what kind it was. it was in some small package...

    what kind of heatsink do you think i should get?
    and what are the price ranges?
  4. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

    this is the fan that came with it.

    Basic CPU Cooler ( 6 CFM - 30mm )
  5. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

  6. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    6 CFM?!? most aftermarket hsf's come with like 30 CFM fans. might as well get a better heatsink then that mediocre aluminum one they supplied you with, anyway. definitely look into buying another hsf.
  7. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    i recommend u to change the cooler...... and btw did u apply the thermal grease urself?? if not i highly recommend u to aply urself......
  8. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    Same here. Change your cooler dude; this one you have sucks.

    Temps should not be that high; but the processor can run that much without getting fuxored too much; mine runs at 55C and never crashes or reboots.
  9. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

    yah i applied the thermal grease myself.

    heres a Coolermaster 80mm CPU Cooler
    i found for $21

    CPU Cooler For: AMD Athlon XP, T-Bird
    (Socket 462, Socket A), Intel Pentium III (Socket 370)

    Heatsink Dimensions: 60mm x 80mm x 41mm
    Thermal Resistance (Lower is Better): Info Not Avail.
    Heatsink Material: Aluminum

    Fan Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm x 13mm
    Air Flow (Cu. Ft. / Min): 27.72CFM
    Fan RPM: 5400RPM
    Noise Level: 38 dBA

    Is this adequate? i mean i don't plan on overclocking or anything.
    i just want a stable temp.
  10. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

  11. Sazar

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    buy a volcano 7... should be around 20 bucks or so.. not so loud really for the performance it gives... else a coolermaster QUIET copper heatpipe thinger... should be around 30 bucks or so... I recommend the volcano 7...

    the thermal paste should be of the arctic silver variety...

    recommendations for GOOD heatsinks due to the cooling nature of the 2200+... it needs a good cooling device.. :)

    amd athlon xp's are designed to work through around 90c temps... so you are not going to kill your cpu... but might reduce the life span of the the thinger... so be careful...

    applying the thermal paste... make sure that there is a nice layer about 1mm thick EVENLY spread... it will spread also once the hsf is applied.. stick the paste on the bottom of the hsf after it has been cleaned properly... if there is already a pad/paste on the HSF get rid of it... and then apply your stuff... :)
  12. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

    so is there a reason that my computer is rebooting at around 60C?

    could it be from the temps? or something else?
  13. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

    its a BiostarM7VKQ motherboard with 128mb pc100 sdram
  14. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    as i mention b4, probably it would be the temp prob. 60c is over too high........ and it may resulting reboots....
  15. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

    300w psu
    dvd/cdrw combo
    80gig hd
    internal iomega zip
    1.44 floppy

    could it be a lack of power?
  16. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    if this is ur specs..... then i think the possibility will be very very low..... but u can try another psu if u got another..... :)
  17. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

    ok this is what i just ordered.

    Arctic Silver 3 Advanced Thermal Compoun TCAS3 $4.99
    ThermalTake Volcano 9 for $20

    does this sound adequate?
  18. pappcam

    pappcam Guest

    You're using 128MB of PC100 SDRAM??

    You really need some good DDR RAM(at least 256MB).
    If your motherboard doesn't support it you'll also need to upgrade that too!

    You're pretty well wasting the CPU you've got there.
  19. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    wao... that was quick.....
  20. plastiqued

    plastiqued Guest

    what was quick?