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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bubbabyte, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. Bubbabyte

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    i need someones help badly...

    here's my situation....i have an xp machine and a 2k machine...both running off of a netgear switch. i have 2 i.p's .
    i want to get a network running between the 2...the xp machine is very easy and it's already set up...but it's not showing up on the 2k machine. Can someone give me instructions or direct me to a site where i can learn how to do this step by step. I've searched all over the place and found nothing helpfull.

    please help....thanks
  2. TechSupport

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    ive got a fairly basic guide on my website if you wanna try that?

    thats a direct link - give that a go - its mainly for XP to XP, but 2K is pretty similar if not the same.

    have you ran the network setup wizard off XP on the 2K system? that might help?


    oh, and also check if its the cause of a firewall making the pcs seem invisible to eachother
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    I hope this will help you some.

    I have an XP Pro to XP Home and for some reason the Home does not see the Pro but I can share files between them. I set up my network with Pro and then used a floppy to transfer the network to Home. From time to time my LAN will just stop working but both PC's can still get on the internet, go figure....:blink:

    I use a Linksys cable/router....
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    That definitly sounds like your internal XP firewall is enabled. The XP Firewall allows all traffc out from the XP Machine to establish the connection (so the XP machine will see the 2k one) but the 2k's incoming connections would be blocked, so you could not browse the XP machine from the 2k one.

    Open the properties for your connection, and uncheck "Internet Connection Firewall" under the advanced tab on the WinXP machine.

  5. koko

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    if all else fails, install netbeui on both machines. that solved the problem with my xp pro machine and my wife's win98se machine.
  6. TechSupport

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    for Win2k to Win2k, enable NetBEUI

    for Win98 to WinXP, enable NetBIOS over IPX/SPX on the 98 machine... works a dream :d
  7. Zedric

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    Just TCP/IP will be fine. Make sure the IP:s is in the same C-class (only last number different). If not, you may have to change the subnet mask.