Need help w/making boot screen

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by kjlite, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. kjlite

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    Can anyone direct me to a web site that has a decent bootscreen

    Using reshack you get a solid black screen bitmap.
    You need a 16.pal when using Paintshop Pro.
    For some reason my version 7 doesn't have it
    I can edit with some of the others. But, don' t look right.

    Got the Prorgram "Boot Edtior" but it won't open folders or load anything. No help files and web site faq doesn't address any issues.

    If some one can either post or send the 16.Pal file.

    Or direct me to a decent editor it would be apprciated.

    Fyi: I all ready have the Two files that Boot Editor requires.

    FYI: The Udxtheme Fixed evidentally didn't work.
  2. tyk82002

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    If you open a new file in pntShp 7 it will give you a color option under imiage type select 16color(4bit).
  3. tyk82002

    tyk82002 Guest

    btw: if you are editing a preexisting pic and want to change it to 16 color press Shift+Ctrl+2.
  4. CHUBB

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    you need to download 16.pal?
    and put it in your file were psp is installed.
    To induce it ,press shift +nought ooooo not000?
    Then you should be presented with options 16.pal
    is your selection.And that will change your blank pal,
    to a screen like this attachment,follow the same on
    your indicator bar,Then change what you want.
  5. CHUBB

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    Re: 16.pal


  6. kjlite

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    I got it to work. I also want to thank the many folks who helped