Need Help Quick!!! Hurry! Please

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bubbabyte, Jan 8, 2002.

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    NEED HELP QUICK!!! please help!! HURRY
    i used a program like Logon UI, except instead of a logonui.exe i used a explorer.exe by accident. My computer reboooted and i'm stuck in the System Account....i cannot open any programs or it will say (not enough quota to run this application) the only way i got on here is because windows update opened up.....then i went from there....i need to switch explorers back......there has got to be some pro's here that know some back alleys through windows......i cannot open up system restore.......i put in my xp disc and it iwll not install......i tried booting from my cd rom...but it own't upgrade the installation it will just delete everything i have and do a fresh one.......please help......
    where can i find a back up of explorer.exe
    when i first log in to the system says something about it can't find /status what does that mean..and how can i change that......
    i need help bad......
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    erm, its late.
    You need a file?
    Try coming onto the chatroom for complicated operations such as this :D