Need Help Port Forwarding Plz!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bigdaz, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. bigdaz

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    Hi all

    I am a newbie to this site but I need some help

    I am trying to port forward ona belkin f5d7632-4 modem/router.

    I am connected at 1meg adsl, but i am currently only able to download at 28kbps instead of 120 ish, this is not just on a few sites this is normally on every site i go to including some well know sites for sharewares and freebies.

    I need some help on this as I do not know how to solve this situation myself. I have looked through the manual and cannot find anything that helps me out.


  2. Nick

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    If it's downloads from websites that are running at slow speeds, it soudns like it's not a port forwarding issue.

    I'd would probably be worth checking your computer for spyware to see if anything is using your connection that your not aware of.

    Lavasoft AdAware is a good tool to look for adware.

    If this doesn't help I would speak to your ISP regarding your slow speeds.
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    last time i had a belkin router it would not let me forward ports and only let me d/l at 30K - :mad: u might want to look into getting a linksys or other brand of router that has port forwarding
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    Starting on page 28 of your user manual, it teaches how to setup everything, including your firewall and all your internet settings. Port forwarding is explained as well. Hope this helps you bigdaz.

    maybe turn this on? page 36...

    5. g Nitro
    Enabling “g Nitro” allows the Router to use Frame Bursting to get
    the maximum throughput from the Router to 802.11g clients. g Nitro
    throughput is up to 50% faster than any standard 802.11g equipment.
    g Nitro will work with 802.11g clients that support g Nitro.

    ALSO - in the Utilities section of the router's web interface .... execute a firmware update.
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  5. ming

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    Should make no difference whether you're using 802.11a/b or g because your internet connection will be less than that bandwidth of the router.

    Your download rate is affected by the server that you are downloading from. Most websites do limit users download rate (depending on who you download from).
    I have a 4mb connection but can only get 120-180kb/s on downloading a linuxISO, but 320kb/s on MS website and around 30kb/s on some others.
  6. Mastershakes

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    Good point Ming.

    A good test - bypass the router, and connect 1 system directly to the ADSL modem. Do a speed comparison.