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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by natefrog, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. natefrog

    natefrog Guest

    every file/folder on my comp is stuck with the read-only attribute

    someone told me this is because the computer is in "read-only mode"

    anyone know how to turn this off????
  2. natefrog

    natefrog Guest

    bumping this up cause it's really bugging me
  3. natefrog

    natefrog Guest

    does not work goes thru the actions but the read only attribute is still there

    i'm being told from someone else that this has to do with the block M$ is doing with SP1 I now have a valid key and the win update is unblocked again but this damn read-only mode is still there

    also ran three differant virus scanner with the latest def in case that was it and no infections found

    I was wondering if anyone knows of registry settings or something of the like that would cause this??
  4. wbeach

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    so what?

    What does it matter that all your drives are read only? It's not having any adverse effects to you.

    You can still write to the drives yes? you can still edit things yes? you can read from the computer and anything else you desire yes?

    So then who cares if it's properties is read only.

    Oh yeah and that is the way xp is suppose to be. It's not a virus.

  5. natefrog

    natefrog Guest

    it's nothing real serious

    it's just a pain in the ass cause most of the time I get messages like
    "are you sure you want to delete the read-only file such and such"

    all you gotta do is click ok but it's irratating sometimes when your trying to fly thru things :D
  6. wbeach

    wbeach OSNN Junior Addict

    I see, I'm not sure cause I don't recieve those exact same errors, but my system is as you described it.

    What I mostly do is hold the shift key as I delete a file. This method by passes your recycle bin and gets deleted fully.

    Well as fully as possible without using shredding.

    There are some recyle bin options that offer the ability to delete things without prompting, but since your only describing a read only problem then I won't write them here, but I'm sure they can be found under the recycle bin properties.