need help on wm9

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by hah2k, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. hah2k

    hah2k Guest

    I have just install it and now I can't not view any media file, no pictures ?
  2. Sunridge

    Sunridge Guest

    yeah me too whatever I open, mediaplayer just closes my itself
  3. violent

    violent Guest

    mine works fine
  4. mboy007

    mboy007 Guest


    mine is working fine too - however i have noticed the appearance of the words 'windows xp home edition for testing purposes only build 2600' on the bottom right hand side of my desktop in white lettering - does anyone know if mp9 does this?? cheers!:confused:
  5. seeme

    seeme Guest

    sorry to be rude, but if you had been keeping an eye on the many other threds on this same topic you would have read that there is a fix.

    you can either edit the registray manually, or download one of the several patches.

    search the forum for the information
  6. Shamus MacNoob

    Shamus MacNoob Moderator Political User

    L'Ile Perrot Quebec
    mine works fine

    n/p here with wmp 9 works fine

    ps attached the regfix :D
  7. hah2k

    hah2k Guest

    I can watch streaming video but not local video(the media file on my hard drive) I am not interested in the water mark removal. I want to seen my video. Everthings work fine except when I goto watch a video on my hard drive, it just show nothing but have sound ?