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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sriharsha_32, Sep 27, 2006.

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    HI,I have two systems with network connection, one system has Win-XP Operating System and the other has WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL.WE R ABLE TO CONNECT THROGH LAN AND SHARE FILES.THE SYSTEM WITH WIN-XP OS HAS 2 NIC -CARDS AND IT IS CONNECTED TO A MODEM THROUGH AN ETHERNET ADAPTER.WE ABLE TO BROWSE THE INTERNET ONLY ON WIN-XP SYSTEM BUT NOT ON WIN-2000 PROF SYSTEM ,even though they r connected through LAN. we r using DHCP to configure the ip address. So plz help us to find the solution and browse the imternet.plz reply me as soon as possible
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    What is the IP address on the Windows 2000 machine set to currently? I know you said it is set to DHCP, but what address is it getting?

    Based on what you are saying, I would assume the extra NIC on the XP box and the card on the 2K box both have 169.x.x.x addresses, which would allow LAN browsing and file sharing.
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    Seeing as the pc's are connected directly, sometimes things are simple to overlook.
    Go to your internet connection on the pc with the modem and check the properties as you have to allow "other computers to connect through this computer to the internet" This may be a simple fix instead of al the brain scratching and thinking.
    Can't remember where the route to get this tick box is at the moment.
    Hope this helps.