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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nick718, Jan 10, 2002.

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    Ok, heres the situation. I have 2 computers at this point, one with XP one with 98 second edition. I have cable internet, I have 2 IP adresses, and 2 computer names, so I can run cable on both. I have the cable plugged into the hub, and both computers plugged into the out slots of the hub. Internet works on both computers, but I can't get sharing of files or printers to work. Its like, each computer won't recognize the otehr. Can soemone give me detailed instructions on how to get this network set up on each. I tried using the wizzard, but it didnt work.
    Thanks everyone.
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    IN order to use file sharing wih Windows XP, you need to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the Windows98 machine. Although with two computers wih public connections is a HUGE security risk. People will be able to access your shares from the internet if they have your IP. I would recomend buying a cable/DSL router with NAT support. That will allow you to keep your local network seperated from the public internet

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    Actually, you can go to and run their port scan, and that will tell you what ports are blocked on your network. Some internet providers block the ports used by MS File & Printer sharing functions. If that's true, your setup would still be in "bad form" from a purist perspective, but you'd be safe.
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    Well, I'll consider the routers, but I'd like to just get this thing working for now. I went to the Win 98 computer, to the TCIP properties, the netbios tab has one thing, enable tcpip netbios or something, but its enabled and I can't uncheck it. Any other info on how I get this thing running?
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    Another question..... If I choose not to buy a router, and just decide not to use file and printer sharing for now, when I play a game, will it recognize the network and send through it when playing multiplayer with other copmuters in this house ont he network? I don't want it to go all the way through the @home network and back to the other computer, when it can just run through the home network.....Sorry all, I'm really new at networking things.
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    Hmm..I'm confused.
    Which cable company are you with?
    Whats the make and model of your 'hub'?
    What are the two IP addresses you say you have?

    I'm guessing thats not a hub.
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    I have Cox@home internet. The service uses DHCP so each IP is obtained automatically. For this reason, I had to buy a 2nd computer name for the other computer. The name determines the IP that is, you pout in the computer name, and everything else is determined by their server. I do have it plugged into a hub, to make myself more clear... the cable modem is plugged into the hub, as are the two computers I am using....
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    Both computers have to be in the same IP range/subnet and in the same workgroup. The XP machine also needs to have NetBIOS enabled under the TCP/IP properties of the network connection. You can check your IP/subnet with ipconfig.
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    local networking

    It's still possible to install NETBeui on a local network, this would allow you to see computers locally. Microsoft no longer supports it, but the files to do it are still on the Windows XP CD.

    Open the VALUEADD folder, then open the MSFT folder, then open the NET folder, then open the NETBEUI folder.

    follow the instructions on the NETBEUI.TXT file, you have to manually put the correct files in the appropriate folders, then you can install NETBEUI. it works just fine for a local network.
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    I had the same problem.

    What I did was let XP makes its own network IP and config the 98 machine to have the next IP
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    Well, first off.... I can't let WinXP make its own IP, because the ISP has a DHCP system. Secondly, where in properties do I enable NetBIOS? I looked everywhere, its not there. Finally, what is NetBEUI, and whats the difference between that and NetBIOS, I'm gonna need to have some mroe details here.
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    I understand now. Your ISP allocates the IP addresses to your PCs. And these IPs could change I guess if you repower the PCs.

    Its unusal to do this I think - the only reason I have heard of is to connect both PCs at the same time to a game which uses dedicated ports - like battlenet.

    And you want to allow MS networking and file sharing to network the PCs - its a hackers dream - you will have to firewall on both PCs. And you don't control your network IPs.

    I agree with JJB6486 It would be better to get a NAT cable router and use a single IP with your ISP. Then the NAT router allocates your internal IP addresses - or you can fix them if you want - you have full control over your internal network. I use a NAT router and no firewall - the NAT routing blocks unwanted intrusions. The latest NAT routers today come with an inbuilt firewall if you really feel its needed.

    Sorry - none of this helps you today though. I'm no expert but I suggest you don't try to connect the way you are going.