Need help connecting 2 computers

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Zeny, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. Zeny

    Zeny Guest

    First has win2000 and 2 net cards (one for adsl), second winXP, internet connections works fine, but both computers cant see each other.
  2. dotbatman

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    could you give me a brief breakdown of your network settings?

    TCP/IP, addresses, are you using Internet Connection Sharing, can the machines ping each other, etc.
  3. Zeny

    Zeny Guest

    The first one has winXP/winMe, one net card, settings are all set by default, Clinet for MS networks, file and print sharing, QoS Packet Schedule, internet Protocol (TCP-IP) in properties - obtain an IP address automatically. everything is on.

    Second has two net cards (one for ADSL) win2000,

    settings for the first card (adsl) Clinet for MS networks, file and print shering, internet protocol (TCP-IP) in properties - Use the following IP address subnet mask:

    second net card. same settings, in properties under internet protocol - use the following IP address subnet mask:

    Internet connection sharing workin fine, UT on LAN also working fine, when I using winMe i cah see both computers.
  4. dotbatman

    dotbatman Guest

    If I understand you correctly, the cards that are dedicated to your internal network are set up a little differently. One is getting an address assigned to it, the other is set to statically. This is okay if the one on DHCP gets a 192.168.0.x address, but if not, it won't work. Also, if one of the internal interfaces is getting an IP assigned dynamically, where is it getting it from? Do you have a DHCP server running on your home network? I am not really familiar with Internet Connection Sharing, so it may be using something like DHCP. If not, it will be To check this, on the machine that gets its address dynamically (i think it's the xp computer, right?) go to a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all". Otherwise, I would just assign it an address of 192.168.0.x, where x is a unique number on your network.

    Now, personally, I borked around with my TCP/IP settings on my 2 xp boxes til I was going insane, and I could not get them to share files. Finally, I added/installed the NWlink protocol on both, and yipee! all is working great. If your TCP/IP settings are correct, and it sounds like they mostly are, since everybody can see everybody AND share the internet. I don't think in your case this would cause any problems. The NWlink should not interfere with your ICS setup, but if it does you can always just uninstall it.

    The cause of this? I don't know, but I am seeing a lot of people with this same problem, an XP computer that is unable to see it's local network, even though every setting is exactly correct. It's gotta be something in the TCP/IP implementation in XP, but it will take someone with way more expertise to dig up what's really wrong.
  5. keylo

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    the answer to this problem is simple... go into your nic TCP/IP properties, advanced, WINS tab, and instead of using "default" setting for NetBIOS, use "Enable" NetBIOS... this will clear your problem up and you wont have to install the NWLink as stated by dotbatman. Secondly, specify an assigned IP do not just let it obtain automatically from the ICS or gateway nic card designated as a hub, this will also clear up other problems.
  6. dotbatman

    dotbatman Guest

    Already tried both of those, neither did anything.
  7. keylo

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    well, zeny, also make sure that you go into the network properties and put a tick in share my files and printer on the computer you want to see if you havent done that, common mistake made by many.

    I have heard of this before, mainly from a good friend of mine here in town. He had problems with the Host PC seeing files on a client. THis you havent explained which is the client/host. But, I hate ICS, I think its one of the lamest connection sharing utils out there, sharing an internet connection signal is what it does, nothing else in my opinion. If you have a cheap pc laying around, I would use freesco or smoothwall as a router to better handle the things you are wanting to do plus much more. Running DHCP can come into other conflicts such as port conflictions... hell, if ICS is so good, proclaimed by M$, then tell me why their own util (ICS) doesnt even work with file transfers with THEIR other program MSN?? Its pretty damn funny, lol.
  8. Zeny

    Zeny Guest

    I have installed NWlink, and my win2000 box can see winXP box, but winXP cant see win2000. So, any more help please.
  9. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    k i cant be bothered to read all the above :p

    2k/XP Machine:
    Set tcp/ip for your NIC to the following





    DNS and gateway depends on you if you're sharing the net etc

    tell you the truth thats all you have to do.

    reboot both machines

    start>programs>(accessories)command prompt

    ping both machines
    successful? if so check it out if you can see each other in network neighboorhood
    make sure both machines have file&printing sharing on
    if you still cant get it running, check what machine cant see what ...

    then come back
    or use your XP cd... startup screen>other features(i think)>ssetup homenetwork

    email me if you need more help as i'd probably be better in helpingstepbystep as u do it