Need Diamond Fireport 40 XP Driver

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by digitald2, Jan 5, 2002.

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    I finally updated my old system to Win XP Pro and it has a SCSI
    CD-R in it. The SCSI card is the Diamond Fireport 40 and come to find out that on Microsoft's site, they have removed the support for it in XP. I have tried everything from downloading the drivers from Diamond, which are extremely old (1998) and trying to use the drivers that were in WIN2K. When trying to install it, it says that something is wrong with the INF file, that it is missing an neccessary entry. I've looked everywhere on the net and can't seem to get any of the other alternative method to work. Does anyone know anything on how to fix this problem? Or have the proper drivers? Thanks in advance.

    - d i g i t a l d 2
  2. Look for a Symbios Logic driver, not the Fireport. It's a relatively generic SCSI chip that's used in quite a few different cards.