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  1. Since my mothboard supports both pc133 and pc2100 ram, I was wondering wheather it's better to buy some pc133 512mb for $54.00, pc133 256mb, pc2100 256mb for $40.00 or just something else. Right now I have 384mb pc133 ram. The memory being name beand doesn't matter to me either. The next time I'll probably upgrade (mothboard,cpu) will be in until they shutdown on me or in about a year, whichever is first. Also I don't overclock, but I do play games. I play games like Warcraft 3, GTA 3, and Spiderman, but not games like Doom, Quake, and Unreal Tornament (which are sometimes used for benchmark tests). I also know that you can't mix the two.

    ECS K7S5A [1/12/2k2]
    AthlonXP 1800+
    384MB PC133
    80GB IBM 7200rpm, 20GB 5400rpm
    Lite-on 24x10x40
    Lite-on dvd 16x
    Video Magic 64mb Video card
    400W power supply
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    Since you already have 384 MB of memory, you don't really need any more unless you want to upgrade it to PC2100. Just remember, if you upgrade to PC2100, you need to take the PC133 memory out of the motherboard as you can't run with both (but you probably know this already). In the end, I would recommend getting the PC2100.
  3. Iceman

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    You can't mix the two on the same motherboard in most cases, so your either stuck with the pc133 or need to upgrade to pc2100 and get rid of the pc133.

    I would just buy some more pc133, unless u can use that pc133 in another computer, in that case go with the pc2100 DDR, runs much faster.