Need a good rpg to play

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by toxicity, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. toxicity

    toxicity Guest

    Can anyone recommend any good rpg for pc that i should look into. looking for something with a pretty good story line as well
  2. Morrowind and its expansion, Tribunal.
  3. PHiSHnz

    PHiSHnz Guest

    - dungeon siege is easy ...
    - baldur's gate II is a long one if you want sumthing that'll take u ages...

    i don't play that many rpg's so i dono really :p
  4. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    Final Fantasy 8 :p
  5. MeFo

    MeFo el mafioso

    Santiago, Chile
    you could try Grandia 2, available for PC also
    it has a very good story, and a great battle system
  6. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    Skies of Arcadia.
  7. SkazzyUK

    SkazzyUK XP-erience Oldie

    Brighton, West Sussex, UK
    Everquest - Had me hooked for 2 years
    NeverWinter Nights - Had me hooked for 5 months

  8. toxicity

    toxicity Guest

    What Grandia 2 and Skies of Arcadia about? they have sites or something i can look at?
  9. koko

    koko Got Root?

    Columbia, S.C.
    if you're looking for an rpg...neverwinter nights is a must have. single player is great, but multiplayer rocks!
  10. Sux

    Sux Guest

    Never winter nights is linier and lackes depth in my opinion.
    I played it up to chapter2 and couldn't stand it any more so I loaded Morrowind and was completly hooked.
    The original Buldurs Gate and Tourment are very good as well.
    NWN feels like it has been made for first time RPG players or to be ported for console consumers.
  11. toxicity

    toxicity Guest

    hmmmm.....maybe ill get back to morrowind. i was playing it for a while before i formatted, but got lazy to replay cause i lost all my saved files.
    I hope freelancer comes before the break. then i look into that. hehe
    thx for the sugestions guys
  12. hulabaloon

    hulabaloon Guest

    Buy a Gamecube, and get Zelda: Wind Waker when it comes out
  13. indyjones

    indyjones Adventurer

    Neverwinter Nights is a good bet as single player is very good but multiplaer is simply amazing! Single player does lack the polish and depth of the baldurs gate series even perhaps the icewind dale series. D.S. is more linear and lacks much more depth than NWN and is basically a Diablo clone with henchmen and bells on.
    As for morrowind it is a very dull game compaired to the bioware ones as it fall short by having poor by comparison rules and just generally races and history.
    But what is comes down is gaming style you have a few different groups.
    First is basically FPS in rpg format eg morrowind
    Next is 3rd person rpgs such zelda (though non pc :() and hack and slash such as diablo
    then there are 3d games like DS and NWN with some minor henchman activity.
    and finally full on party games like which are all the older bioware games such as fallout 2 baldurs gate 2 and iwd 2.

    Take your pick
    (as already mentioned nwn online is soo much better than single player!)
  14. _DM_

    _DM_ OSNN Senior Addict

    Morrowind is good. and tribunal expansion for morrowind. Hella nice graphics, countless quests, you can go any where like around the world travel to nice ass places and i mean anywhere and u can do anything u want, and has a nice story line. U get to create your own character.
  15. RagnaroK

    RagnaroK Must be dreaming...

    Grandia II is a great RPG.
    The Legend of Zelda series is the BEST!
    Final Fantasy series also rocks! :D
  16. dubstar

    dubstar format c:

    Southern California
    rpg? im still having wayy too much fun with Tony hawk 2 on regular ol' PS. your piggy banks must be GYNORMOUS!:blink:
  17. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    Rogue Spear
    Ghost Recon
    Conflict Desert Storm
    Splinter Cell
    Rainbow Six
    Unreal Tournement
    Half Life
    Max Payne
    The Sum Of All Fears
  18. SkazzyUK

    SkazzyUK XP-erience Oldie

    Brighton, West Sussex, UK
    Err they ain't RPG's :p

  19. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    I know - They are fps but I thought I would put them anyhow :D