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    Hi im looking for a coder that can help me, well basicly it will be a program for a online mafia based game
    Im looking for someone that can code me a program that will do crimes, gta and getaway automaticly but allso be abel to break the script check which is in 4numbers

    Mug someone
    Break into a till
    Rob a post office
    Rob a bank
    Kill someone
    Take someone hostage

    here you have the list of the crimes i want it to do Take someone hostage

    Choose a Gta:
    Steal from a car park
    Steal from the streets
    Steal from a private sports car showroom

    that gta i want it to do the pricate sports thing.

    and the getaway is something were you can turn left right up or down i was it to do only left.

    need more info contact me on