News Nearly 50% of Brits Watch TV When It Suits Them

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    A new survey commissioned by Rovi Corporation has revealed some interesting ideas about the way people watch TV. The survey found that viewers have changed their TV watching habits with the introduction of on-demand, online and set-top box recorded TV to many homes across the country.

    The 'did you see x last night?' conversations that people have with their friends and colleagues appear to be dwindling, with nearly 70% of respondants stating that they will refrain from discussing a programme they have recently watched or at least check with others before discussing any spoilers.

    The survey also found that almost half of the British population watch TV they’ve recorded themselves on a set-top box like Sky+, and a whopping a huge 97% believe that over the next five years they will be getting their TV or video content from the internet or recorded to watch on their schedule.

    For the full details of the survey, visit the Rovi Website here.
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    Soooo, the other 50% don't watch because it doesn't suit them?
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    no the other 50% don't watch it cos there isn't enough content to justify paying upwards of £100/month for TV services...