nagging issue in WindowsXP - ASUS GEFORCE 3 Ti4200

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kdisc98, Oct 7, 2002.

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    I have a nagging issue in WindowsXP. When I play Direct3D or OpenGL games, I get momentary pauses during gameplay. This should not happen since my PC specs are high enough to handle gaming without such pauses. I find that these pauses occur when my hard disk is being accessed and I have tried every cache tweak(including cacheman) and I still have the same issue.

    Does anyone know of a tweak or fix that can help me resolve this issue?



    My computer:

    PIII 1000Ghz , 256Sdram , 20Gig H.D , Dvd-rom x6 Hitachi, Cdrw x8 Yahamaha , Asus Geforce 3 Ti4200 ,Sound blaster live vaule , Motorola SurfBoard (Cable Momdem) , Asus cuvx-4e

    PLZ I REALLY NNED HELP! :mad: :mad:
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    Have you tried closing all other open apps that are not needed to play games? Virus etc.

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    First,Thanks on the fast answer.
    But yea,eveb if nothing working.
    the game starts ok ,and than after a few seconds,it's start to be "jumpy" -u know what i mean ....

    plz!!! any help andy idea! :mad:
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    Games+WinXpPro+AsusGf3Ti4200 NAgging problems

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    Have you got any of the Windows XP Powertoys installed?

    Tried disabling nView? If u use it... well umm... disable it anyway cause nView was the source of a few problems for me.
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    ok first off... your system is not bad but if you are into hardcore gaming and run memory hungry games your system might be the bottleneck... ie the cpu perhaps or your memory...

    256 ram should be enough but an upgrade to more memory might help...

    if you are convinced that it is not hardware related do a couple of basic things... defragment your computer... search for and manually remove the temporary files stored on your computer (please make sure you know where this is... a mate of mine deleted an entire windows folder once and he was in online tech support lol)

    also perhaps run at a lower resolution or with fewer eye candy options turned on...