Nagging 3COM NIC with XP PRO problem... help needed.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Blingster, Dec 9, 2001.

  1. Blingster

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    I have a 3COM 3C905C TX-M Nic installed on my XP pro OS:

    Everytime I go online with Q3, UT, or Tribes 2, a "new hardware device is detected" whenever I launch a game. Then there is no driver found when XP attempts to install it. Afterwards an exclamation mark is found in device manager next to network adaptors for unknown device.

    How do I stop this? I already downloaded XP drivers from 3COM but they are never recognized as current drivers. Otherwise this card is great and pings are lower while gaming compared to my Linksys NIC.

    Any fixes would be welcome

  2. waddy

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    Put the downloaded drivers somewhere

    remove all instances of the NIC in device manager

    reboot, when Xp says its found the device etc .. hit Cancel.

    and boot into XP

    Then go to device manager (not new hardware wizard) to install the drivers you downloaded..

    Right click on the NIC and choose Driver > update driver >> Select "install from list or specific location(advanced)" and follow on from there Choose Have disk and point it to the NIC drivers you downloaded.....

    it may say some garbage about these drivers arent digitally signed , ignor that and continue

    DONT let XP search for drivers do it manually... basically force XP to use the ones you downloaded

    Reboot and all should be fine

    XP calls my nic a Realtek and its a kingston , but it works great so i havent bothered changing it :)
  3. Blingster

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    Thanks for the tips.

    Since I posted this question I did a reformat and parttioned my drive to dual boot W98SE and XPX Pro. I will update soon as Im back to the point I can try my games in XP pro, to see if glitch comes back.

    Thanks again