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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Druce, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. Druce

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    here's one for you all - I was watching WMP8 (A divx movie), using msn messenger (2 chat boxes open) and was browsing (1 explorer window open) and morpheous running in the background - then all of a sudden my computer shuts off... then when i'd go to restart and it would get all the way to the blank screen with the mouse pointer before it loads the desktop and would restart and would continue in a loop until i shut it off, I had to do a repair instal to get the thing working - didn't loose anything tho... any ideas what caused it?

    I am running amd xp 1800+
    1gb ddr ram
    cable modem
    200gb (5x40 HD's)
    xp pro
  2. mathew

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    you CPU

    your cpu may have overheated,, this happened to me when my fan failed on my p3.

    if that isnt the answer then maybe a virus found its way onto your computer using morpheus or somethink.

    (amd processors do get very hot, and without a VERY good fan they shutdown.)))))

    hope this helps you...
  3. eGoalter

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    did you do an upgrade from 9x me, or did you do a clean install.
    sounds like issues i had along time ago when i tried to upgrade
    me.all those running apps had to do with the internet, and those
    are issues almost everyone i know that just did an upgrade have, including me along time ago...but then again it also sounds like you got a short in your electical wiring, that was surging the power supply. that same thing happened to me last week, i was lucky i didnt fry my ps..
  4. mathew

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    just make sure!

    just ake sure your fan is working properly, when mine failed my processor melted!
  5. eGoalter

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    load up ur bios and reload default settings, if it did overheat, it set
    ur clock rate and fsb down to save the chip. and get somthing like
    sissoft sandra or whateva it is, lol so u can keep an eye, on the temp....also ive heard there some bugs with wmp8 and divx, yes this can cause ur pc to keep restarting. that happened to me with gravis drivers i had to reinstall xp, ouch....besides ur pc would have to hit between 75c and 85c to even shut down.(athlon xp can handle up to 98c with out burning up.) i think you woulda felt the heat long before it shut mine sits at 52c under a heavy load and i can feel that lol.;)
  6. mathew

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    well my processor went because the fan completely failed and i didnt realise,

    im waiting for a wghile before getting a new pc, the new p4,s will use ultra fast memory so i will wait for those!!!!!!
  7. eGoalter

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    id go athlon xp all the way, u got just as much chance as burning a p4 out, and you could get better performance and actually pay less....but thats my opinon.course what am i saying, with these chips these days, we all have more than well ever use. its crazy..
    hehe. p4s are way too expensive for my taste...:D peace...