Myst Masterpiece Ed in Win XP - Help :(

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by danamulder42, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Hi everyone...I just bout the Myst Trilogy boxed set (Myst Masterpiece Ed, Myst II, Myst III) and just started on Myst Masterpiece Edition...I played the game for about an hour last night without a hitch until I got to a part where (alright, this might be a bit specific for people who didn't play, but I'll include it anyway in case someone else had this problem...) I have to click on a video that plays in one of the hidden Myst books to go to the next area. Anways, obviously the game does start, I can interact with the environments fine until this point...I should also note that sometimes when I start the game in plain Win XP mode it works fine, other times it crashes on the very first video that plays (for the company's logo), but if I change it to Win 95 or 98 compatibility mode it never seems to crash on that logo I dont know whats going on, as UbiSoft's..helpful <ahem> tech department pointed out to me the box says the game only works in 95/98, though this problem must occur in those OS' too since its documented in their FAQ on their website ( ).
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Id like to think I didnt waste my money and a few hours of my life for nothing. :(

    My sys config is:
    Dell Inspiron 3800
    P3 600 mhz
    512 mb ram
    ATI Rage Mobility M1-AGP 2X
    Win XP

    Btw, I should also note that I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game, updating all of my video and sound drivers, etc. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Octopus

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    I ran Myst III on win XP without any problems.
    I don't think you wasted your money..Myst is invaluble master piece.

    about Myst doesn't run on XP I had to use it with Win 98.
    Myst II: Raven..never tried it.
  3. danamulder42

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    Hey, thanks for the reply..yeah, I read people got the other Myst games to run alright on XP but I havent really seen anything about the first...I didn't mean to imply that it was a waste of money for the game itself, just that I couldnt get it to work. I have a great love of adventure games, and I know these are supposed to be great, and when the trilogy came out it seemed like my calling to finally buy them. :p I'm excited to get this to work!!! (I will :p).
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    I'll give you two suggestions I've heard regarding Riven. I do not know if this applies to Myst as well, however, once you finish it and move on to Riven, it might help you. Riven is the name for Myst II, BTW.

    1.) The videos in riven would always be 1 pixel off, which in some of the animations wasn't very applealing. To fix this simply switch your computer to the Windows Classic theme in display properties.

    2.) Some people suggested running Riven in Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5) mode.

    One other questions - do you have Real Myst as well? It's a true 3D version of the original Myst game.
  5. danamulder42

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    Hi, I actually am running Windows Classic; I dont care much for the new visual themes. When I tried running Myst in NT 4 (SP 5) and Win 2K mode it wouldnt even run; said it required Win 95 to run when I launched it. The Myst version I have is called Myst Masterpiece Edition; I dont know if its the same thing as Real Myst.
  6. Brad

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    i would suggest running the game in compatibility mode. what you do is right click the icon and go to properties. next go to compatibility. under compatibility go to "run this program in compatibility mode for" and then chose windows 98. click ok. try that.

  7. danamulder42

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    Hi, thanks for the response...I actually did try the different compatibility modes already and still no luck.