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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by cs-cky, Apr 1, 2003.

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    I think 2 things:

    1) I use 1024 X 768 and I still have to scroll left and right.

    2) The link to your website is in a strange section of our forums.

    3) It's pretty otherwise

    4) I can't count.
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    Not too bad, nice graphics although they are a little big. 200kb is a bit large for the size of your page. Works fine in opera it seems. The page is too wide, at 1024x768 I have to scroll across in both Opera and IE. Where you say, "Would you like to join, click here" the 'click here' part isn't a link when it should be. I'll keep picking at it :)
    Where it says, "Tell me what u think of website on message board" that would be good to link to your message board. Also, the link to your messageboard is
    Note the spelling error? It doesnt really matter but for the sake of good english...
    Good luck with the clan.
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    Thank YOu

    I fixed the problems i think. ANy more problems let me know
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    I don't know what you did but this page doesn't render correctly in Mozilla/Phoenix.

    download it and test ur page with it. Test it with Opera as well.

    Don't alienate anyone that might be visiting ur page so make it as wide an audience as possible.

    Otherwise very nice graphics =)
  6. I think the font that is used for the heading in all the content boxes is awful.