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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Rick Stirling, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. Before Xmas I lost my job - the company went tits up. I knew it was going to happen so I worked on some web stuff with a mate.

    Anyway, have a look. Its an online score tracker for UK and Irish golf courses.
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    very nice site mate... are you making a profit from it? if yes how.
    im not a golfer myself but this looks nice and seems like an original idea:)
  3. No profit yet. When we get enough members we will add extra content and charge for a premium membership. This will include WAP access, buddy lists, leagues etc.

    We could make something off thr ads, but probably not much. The amazon links are possibly a good earner - targeting the goods for sale to the audience. For example, by using the info that you put in we can tell if you are good at putting, and if not we can target sales of putting books/videos/dvds etc.

    I'm not a gofer either:)

    Its not original, there are others out there, but none seem to be UK based.
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    Very nice site. I am a Golf Superintendent in the U.S.