My Speakers keep playing a static noise?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by AaronMcarthur, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. Whenever I turn on my computer, I keep hearing this static noise coming from my speakers. I restart but it doesn't cure the problem and when I play a song, the static is in the background of the song. How can I fix this?
  2. Octopus

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    are they new? maybe they are damaged.
    another reason is : don't place anything metal near the end of the wires of the speakers.electricity flows between them.
  3. arson_nick

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    Check for anything near them that might cause interference, a cell phone, tv, microwave, anything. I have my stereo hooked up instead of speakers, and every once in a while I'll get static, but it always goes away after a reboot or two.
  4. canadian_divx

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    like sid by arson_nick it could be interfearence, i had the same probelm but i fixed it my moving the wire away from any major power source or power wire, and you might want to check the connection between your speakers and the cound card just to make sure that nothing it louse
  5. I got the problem solved. I just unplugged all the wires in the back of the processor, cut off surge protectors and restarted twice, it solved the problem, thanks for the help anyway though. How can I hook my PC up to my stereo and play it like that?
  6. arson_nick

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    haha, having a real stereo instead of speakers is the way to go. Go to Radio Shack and pick up a stereo to left-right decoder ($8) and a short RCA/component audio cable, and hook it into the same place you would a dvd player. Just wait for the 6 channel WMP 9
  7. Gus K

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  8. Is it gonna blow my sound card because of two many watts?
  9. arson_nick

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    Nope, the wattage is the output, not the input needed. The sound card doesn't know the difference between a 150 watt shelf system, a huge component system, or those measly headpones that came with your Walkman in 1990.
  10. samxt

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    I agree that the stereo hookup is the way to go. I have Home stereo equipment which includes a Onkyo Integra A9911 integrated amplifier hooked to 2 Infinity Kappa 5 speakers and a 100 Watt per channel sony 12 inch powered sub for the deep bass, and theres nothing like it in the world believe me! It's only a 2 channel left and right whith subwoofer setup, but that's all I need for any game I ever play. My audio gear for my computer system originaly cost about $2000.00, but you only have to buy it once.:D

    Pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz
    Mobo Gigabyte GA-8IHXP F7 Bios
    1 Gig 1066 ECC RDRAM
    Gforce 4 ti 4600 128mb agp graphics
    29160N SCSI Ultra 160 Controller card
    2 ea Fujitsu 33.6 Gigabyte SCSI 15,000 rpm Ultra 160 Hds w/8mb cach each.
    1 ea 80 gigabyte WD800JB w/8 mb cache IDE HD
    Sounblaster Audigy Gamer connected to:
    Onkyo Integra A9911 90 Watt per channel Integrated amp driving
    1 pair of Infinity Kappa 5 Home stereo speakers as the main speakers &
    1 Sony 12' 100wpc Subwoofer
    Pioneer DVR A05 4X dvd burner.
    Plextor 40/12/40/a Cd burner
    3Com 3c990 Nic with 3xp processor
    True power 550 watt power supply
    Lian Li Aluminum case
  11. PHiSHnz

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    if urs sounds really cool
    imagine how cool mine would sound if i could hook it up to my parents stereo
    Pioneer amp, 5.1 channels, 100Watts per channel
    5.1 polk audio speakers...
    now THAT is awesome for listening to movies.. better than the movies i reckon..
    a bit of a dream... 1. i don't think they'd like the pc in the lounge :p
    2. i'd have to have it loud.. no other way... lol.. they'd never be able to sleep ;)
  12. So I just go and buy that wire that hooks into my stereo system and plug the single wire into my speaker jack in the back of my CPU and the other two wires(fork) into my stereo system. Then I just turn back on my computer and the stereo, and select an audio file and it should play?

    Do I need any special program or can I just play it throught an mp3 player like Winamp?
  13. samxt

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    Exactly! This is the actual cable you will need. Depending on your soundcard outputs, most use this connector. You can use different combinations of cables to end up with the same thing, but I found this pic on the web to show you exactly what is needed. I have a Monster Cable Brand connector for mine. Sorry about the large image size. And pay no attention to the Under xp-erienced rating to the left under my name, cause I have plenty of expierience. I just had to add that cause I think it's silly. :) [​IMG]
  14. Well I'm gonna have to extend my cord because my stereo is on the other side of my room. Is this going to effect the quality of the sound? and do I just play an audio file in any program and it goes throught my speaker?
  15. arson_nick

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    The length of the cable won't make it sound any different, but same as with the other speakers, make sure there's nothing around the cable that could cause interference. A longer cable is a bigger target for interference. The setup will work just like regular speakers, every sound that would go through the speakers goes through the stereo instead. So, yes, just play the mp3's through winamp or whatever you use. Just make sure to turn the volume back down after, cranking it up is good for mp3's or games but bad for startup/shutdown sounds and error messages, haha!!
  16. Zedric

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    Longer cable => More static
    Try and use a short cable to see if there's any difference.
  17. arson_nick

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    How much more cable would you have to add to actually hear a difference?