My software & printer say I need IE. How can I use a different browser?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by veronica, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. veronica

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    My printer, Spybot and AVAST Anti-virus say to use 'INTERNET EXPLORER'.

    How can I use a different browser like AVANT and still have my software

    block bugs? And use my printer? Don't updates only come through IE?

    Thank you.
  2. ~bk

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    Use Mozilla Firefox, i guess. [​IMG]
  3. NetRyder

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    I'm not sure what the printer and AVAST have to do with Internet Explorer, but if I understand it correctly, they're just using IE as a generic term for a web browser. Unless either of them specifically use ActiveX, you should be able to use any browser.
    As for Spybot, you probably won't need to use it if you switch to something like Firefox. Most spyware today comes in the form of ActiveX or tracking cookies. Firefox doesn't support ActiveX, so that's out of the question, and if you enable cookie-whitelisting, you won't be affected by tracking cookies either.

    EDIT: Just noticed you mentioned you wanted to use Avant. Well, since Avant is just a front-end to IE, you should be able to use it without problems. It will support ActiveX, so the printer/Avast/Spybot shouldn't have a problem if any of them need that either. Your best bet is to install Avant as see if everything works. If it doesn't, you can always uninstall Avant and go back to using IE anytime.
  4. veronica

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    Spybot says it blocks spyware with IE. AVAST AV says to use it with IE. I am assuming it only blocks bugs with IE.
    Thank you both for your replies.
  5. j79zlr

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    Avant uses the IE rendering engine and base code, it is a just a front end for it, I would assume that anything blocking IE problems will block Avant problems.

    I seriously recommend using Firefox as a browser, it is heads above IE for security, I would assume that AVAST would scan any downloaded files regardless of how they are downloaded, but I have no personal experience with that AV app.