My Panama City Fishing Catches!!

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  1. mlakrid

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    Hey Folks,
    I havent been on OSNN in the last 10 days... and NOT because I was trying to avoid you all...

    I actually missed reading some of threads here on OSNN... but sometimes you need a break from EVERYTHING!!

    ANYWHO... I got a TON of pictures... and here are some of them...
    Here are the pics from when we took the boat out with my parents:
    The beach we were fishing on:

    The type of fish we were catching a "Squirell fish" more commonly known as a Sand Perch:

    We caught a TON of them, but we had no idea what they were and threw them all back, I heard later that they are VERY Tasty in a SAMMICH... Darn the bad luck... I could have been :food and had NO IDEA... ;D Learn something new every day!

    Here are the pictures of when the whole family went fishing on a head boat:
    My dad with his Amber Jack; sadly it was two inches too small to keep:

    Me and the wife with the Days Catch:

    Me with the days Catch:

    And Lastly when I went fishing from the resorts dock with my dad, I caught three fish two VERY NICE keeper Sea Trout:


    I also broke one Sea Trout bigger than these off, and two HUGE Red Fish the smaller was over 25" and we estimated the larger of the two at 30" :eek: All three got me wrapped around the barnacle encrusted pilings and popped me off...

    I had a GREAT TIME, but as with all good things, my vacation had to come to an end...

    Mike A!
    Land O Lakes, FL
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  2. Evil Marge

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    Ew ew ew I don't like fish :eek: My dad once had his picture in the newspaper holding a huge and I mean huge salmon he caught in a local river :smoker:
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  3. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    Ah, PCB, had some good times on them there off-white sands :smoker:

    I guess all the rains and crap from the TX, LA area pushed the bigger midget fishies your way buddy :)

    Good job on the pics, HDR is a little harsh on some but the bump-mapping is quite good, especially on the fishies scales :cool:
  4. Roadhog

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    awesome, looks like you guys had fun!
  5. Steevo

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    Deep fried, broiled, or smoked?

    And feel free to slap Saz with one of your trout.
  6. mlakrid

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    Dont know yet, havent cooked any of them :D

    Mike A!
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  7. tdinc

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    Sterling Heights, MICHIGAN
    nice! anglers ftw!
  8. gonaads

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    Who gets to clean 'em, you or the wife? ;)
  9. mlakrid

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    I would have cleaned them if I had too... I cleaned the trouts...

    The Charter boat cleaned the other fish for $ .50 a pound

    It was worth it...

    Mike A!