My new Fuji `USB` Camera is not recognised

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Bernie, Aug 15, 2002.

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    I have just purchased a Fuji digital camera with USB lead. When I connect the camera to my computer I should get the usual window on screen (like a friend of mine with the same camera and XP) which says something like "what would you like to do? open this file/view this file/save to disk? etc

    What do I get - nothing!!! Not even the `Camera Wizard` recognises that it is connected!!!

    The only way I can access my pictures is via the `Computer Management` window, which works, but is a long winded process!!! - thanks to the kind people at the Fuji helpdesk.
    Apparently this is a fairly common problem, with no easy answer - are they ever!!

    Any idea`s why my computer is not recognising this USB device instantly?

    It`s not the camera (tried others) it`s the computer
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    If the fuji help desk don't know then it might be time to take it back & get another brand. :(
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    I had the same problem, you might have sorted it by now, but what you have to do is plug it in leave it for a few mins, listen to a few tracks of music woteva then the PC will recognise it as a portable Hard Drive.

    Now if you go start/programs/accesories/scanner and camera wizard.

    =-= MAKE SURE YOU WAIT, Even if it recognises it as a camera straight off, just leave them to sync.

    now that screen that your mate has should come up, if not, then goto my computer there will be a Fuji hard drive in there in Removable Media, double click and voila! there are all those snaps.

    Hope this helps,

    SkaZZy :D