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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, May 24, 2004.

  1. brocher

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    My email account keeps sending netsky virus but i have ran most virus checks and online scanners but nothing found. Used various fixes for this and always says no virus found on your system, System restore points deleted and still no joy. Now thhis may be a silly question but here goes. I use OE for my mail but i also leave a copy of the mails on the server, could it be thisserver program that is sending the virus and am i better off deleting them from the server after downloading them, Norton always picks up the netsky virus when i download mail , so this is the only answer i can think of.

    Any other ideas????
  2. Heeter

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    Another option you could have is disable the "Preview Pane" located under your sent email list. This way you could highlight, right-click and delete any email without opening it. I think this is what you are asking. If I misunderstood, then I am sorry. Viruses are usually activated by the act of opening the email, not because it is sitting in the server. Preview Pane "opens" the mail so you can view some of it before you actually open it.

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    I know this but , norton picks up the netsky virus as it downloads and tells me so i can only gather that it is the mail on the server that is sending it!
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    Nothing you can do, if you are concerned about getting emails saying you;ve been sending it, then really there is nothing you can do. All that means is someone who has you in their contact book is infected, then it sends out the virus under your email address. System admins should be smarter and disable the "you've been sending infected emails" function, since 99% of the time the sent from address is spoofed.
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    Send an e-mail to all your mates/friends in your contacts/buddy lists/e-mail lists asking them NOT to mail you untill they have got rid of the trojan/virus.

    I keep all my contacts on a seperate file on my desktop and cut n paste to who/whom I want to send things too.

    E-mail virii 95% of the time try grab your contacts and mail them too.

    I suggest you send an e-mail 1-by-1 to each contact with them replying just to you and you only till it comes up with who has the trojan/virus.

    When you find the victim then tell them untill they remove it from their system not to send you anymore e-mails.

    simple as that.