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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ZipTriX, Mar 7, 2003.

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    I have the link to listen to an internet radio. It is a asx and can't play it with Winamp, only with WMP. Problem is WMP likes to use 98% of my cpu and I can't have that happening. Now if I listen to the station through their applet player, I have no lag. Is there any other players that I can use and not have the lag?
  2. zyfos

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    Maybe see if good ol' Windows Media Player 6.4 can play it (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe) without eating up as much processor usage.
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    I agree, trying associating 6.4 with ASX files and I imagine that your CPU will not suffer near as much. Have you upgraded WMP to 9.0? I've noticed a significant difference in load time for the player, as well as resource use.
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    Thanks. It works much better than WMP9.
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    Any idea on how to get it to play automatically? Right now, when I click on the link, it opens mplayer2.exe, but then I have to click play for it to stream. :huh:
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    Well, first off, check to see if MP6.4 is the default player for it. Open up MP6.4, click View menu and go to Options. Go to the Formats tab and make sure that Windows Media file is checked. Secondly, open up Windows Explorer. Go to the Tools menu and click Folder Options.... Under the File Types tab, pick the ASX extension and hit the Advanced button. Make sure the Play option is set as the default. If you edit the Play option, under Aplication used to perform this action: should be
    "D:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe" /Play "%L"
    Hope that works for ya.
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    Spinamp, it works with Winamp .. It's pretty cool also

    get info here:
    It's free also ...
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    maybe JetAudio, but I havent tested this. It does work with RealAudio though so you dont have to use their gay ar$e software