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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ci2e, Mar 8, 2004.

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    If I purchase a Music CD-RW 700 MB/80 min 4X ReWritable and take it to my car cd player will it be able to read the disc?

    Reason I ask is I have burned music to normal CD-RW media and my car cd player cannot read it.
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    It probably won't work. I have some players that will play anything (including MP3 on the CDs) and some that will only read CDR media. It depends on the what the player was designed to do and if the player has built in Digital Rights Managment. The "Music CD" blanks are just an advertising ploy.

    Check out they are dedicated to CD and DVD topics. And have a wealth of information.
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    Music CD-R/CD-RW's are only different from data cdr's by the fact that they have a code inbedded in the ATIP info that proves to a standalone recorder that the disc is infact a music blank and that tax has been paid (that's right, they are more expensive because we already pay a fee with these discs to the RIAA because they knew they would lead to copying...)

    And as to whether or not it will play in your car or other cd players? It depends. Some readers will some won't. Most newer players should.
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    Nice to know this piece of info. I know that that type of CD is only usable on standalone recorders, but never realised tax was being paid. :p
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