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    Hi, since downloading an internet accellerator program that reset my RWIN / MTU etc I have been having trouble getting a good connection and gameplay is unbearable, needless to say I uninstalled the proggy. Using the reset default registery option from within the program ( DIDNT BACKUP REG ) I expected everything to be returned to normal :mad:
    Does anybody please know if there is a simpleton solution to restoring the registery values that these programs change or maybe " he says hopefully" a simple proggy to restore my old reg?.

    Please help and i promise not to download anymore pants proggies

    I have an old restore point 3 months old but not sure if this is a good option and will this restore my reg?
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    Try this file.

    It's called DrTCP. You can manually set your RWIN and MTU with this program.
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    It keeps coming up with a "send error report" everytime i try to run that program.. i have XP pro by the way... any other programs i can use to mess with my MTU settings besides iSpeed.
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    run the tweak tests, and run their copy of drtcp, and if you have any questions just post in the tweak forum, it'll probably be answered in a few minutes, they are great over there
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